At Dank Czar we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality cannabis possible. We strive to do this in the cleanest, safest manner and do everything we can to limit the amount and types of pesticides we use. Our goal is to never use any pesticides however as we are an indoor cultivation facility this is not always a reality.

Our facility uses only OMRI listed Organic and Washington State Piccol approved products. There use is infrequent and most contain only small amounts pressed oils and acids. Not all batches are treated with the same products as part of any good IPM (integrated pest management) program is rotating the products to avoid building a tolerance or immunity to them. Therefore we have chosen list all the ingredients to all of the products we have ever used in the facility, if in the case we decide to use a new product we will try and add its active ingredient list below:

Rosemary oil, citric acid, yeast, sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, potassium sorbate, petroleum jelly, neem oil, karanja oil.

We will periodically have pesticide test results for in-house processed material just to make sure there are no residual pesticides being passed through solvents, equipment or any other unanticipated manner.

*We are a processor for many other farms and as such we will be implementing full pesticide disclosure form for each of the farms we process material with/for.

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