Our cartridge offerings are the most diverse in Washington, from strain specific Solventless Rosin and Live Resin to unique cannabis-derived distillate cartridges we have something special for every taste and budget.

Solventless Live Rosin Cartridge

The epitome of a luxury vaping experience. Our Live Rosin is prepared using a proprietary process that minimizes terpene and cannabinoid loss. This leaves a true full-spectrum cartridge product that is unmatched in flavor and effect.

Storage Note: Store in a temperature-controlled room or fridge (60-65°F)

Caviar Cartridge

Produced from our flagship Diamond Caviar ™ The native terpenes are separated filtered and refined then filled into our specially selected cartridge for the perfect on the go vapor experience.

Live Resin Cartridge

Our premium Live Resin is refined and optimized for use in our proprietary full ceramic cartridges. Designed to maximize the flavor and user experience, this combination of premium Live Resin and exciting new hardware is perfect for the vapor cartridge enthusiast. 

Botanical Distillate Cartridge

Our Botanical flavored distillate cartridges combine our Triple Distilled THC with the highest quality botanical terpenes on the market. Available in a variety of strain-specific blends and unique custom flavor options they are perfect for the vapor enthusiast looking for the same great effects with a more discreet smell than traditional cannabis products.

Solventless Hash Rosin Disposable

Our premium live rosin is optimized for use in the sleek Tik Pro by Ikrusher. We use a proprietary process to maximize terpene and cannabinoid content and deliver the most effective and easy to use disposable on the market. 

Caviar Disposable

Made with our flagship Diamond Caviar. We  filter and combine the high terpene extract for use in the sleek Tik Pro Disposable. Flavorful, fast, fun, and most importantly, reliable combine to offer an incredible user experience. 

Canna Cartridge

Our Canna Cartridges combine our Triple Distilled THC with native cannabis terpenes separated from our other in-house cannabinoid extractions. The result is authentic cannabis strain flavors in an easy to use on-the-go vapor cartridge.