The largest variety of extracted products in Washington. The most extraction types and the most sought after flavors. This has been our mission. Nothing more to say here.

Terp Sauce

A high terpene full spectrum extract (HTFSE).  This concentrate comes from fresh frozen material and is extracted using light hydrocarbons. Terp sauce has a higher ratio of terpenes to THCA which helps create a high-quality representation of the genetics terpene profile.

Optimal dabbing temperature: 500 – 530°F

Diamond Caviar

A terpene rich extract with large amounts of THCA known as diamonds. This concentrate starts with only the highest quality fresh frozen flower. It is then extracted using light hydrocarbons and our own unique process. Diamond caviar is an extremely potent and intensely flavorful concentrate that will please any connoisseur.

Optimal dabbing temperature: 500 – 540°F

Terp Diamonds

Terp Diamonds are separated from our most flavorful and exotic diamond caviars. Individual THCA crystals are removed and strained from the terpene layer. This leaves behind almost pure THCA crystals that are extremely flavorful and potent.

Optimal dabbing temperature: 510 – 550°F

Live Resin

Live resin starts with fresh frozen material that is harvested at peak ripeness, sealed, and immediately flash frozen. This is done to eliminate any possible terpene deprivation. This concentrate mimics the aroma of ready to harvest cannabis flower giving it a mouthwatering flavor.

Optimal dabbing temperature: 500 – 530°F

Live Batter

This concentrate starts from high quality fresh frozen material harvested at peak ripeness and frozen immediately. This is done to avoid any terpene deprivation. After this concentrate is extracted using light hydrocarbons it is aggregated to create the batter-like consistency. This leaves the consumer with a high-quality mouthwatering concentrate.

Optimal dabbing temperature: 490 – 530°F

Rosin Batter

A solventless product coming from the highest quality of bubble hash. This extract is made by adding heat and pressure to our starting material. Our professional hash makers then apply a special process to create this terpene-rich batter-like consistency.

Storage Note: Store in a temperature-controlled room or fridge (35-50°F)

Optimal dabbing temperature: 490 – 530°F

Rosin Custard

This solventless concentrate comes from a high-quality bubble hash or dry sift. Our team uses the perfect amount of heat and pressure to make our rosin. We then apply aggregation to the product along with temperature and time to create this mouthwatering solventless concentrate.

Storage Note: Store in a temperature-controlled room or fridge (60-65°F)

Optimal dabbing temperature: 490 – 530°F

Distillate Syringe Applicator

Created using a process called fractional distillation, oil is filtered and dewaxed removing unnecessary fats and lipids. Individual fractions of the starting material are pulled at different temperatures during the process. This process separates volatile terpenes, cannabinoids, and impurities. Once refined different terpenes and cannabinoids are reintroduced to the extract leaving behind a fully activated product. This means the product can be orally ingested or vaporized.